HydroMax is a complete antidiarrheal, without antibiotic, formulated with different natural components. It acts on water and electrolyte imbalances and combats acidosis while allowing the dairy diet of affected animals to be replaced by easily digestible high-energy nutrients.

  • Specifically suitable for weaned animals with severe dehydration problems.
  • Apropiado para nutrir, rehidratar y tratar problemas intestinales.
  • Protects the intestinal mucosa by adding astringent and absorbent toxins present in the intestine.
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties and contributes to the balance of intestinal flora.
  • Stimulates the absorption of glucose, water and sodium through the intestines, restoring the electrolyte balance.



The study was designed to compare two different rehydrating products in order to assess their effects on the growth of piglets in weaned stage.

Both rehydrating products were dissolved in 3% water and poured in the dishes of the weaned phase pens.

The dosing schedule for both products was the following:

‐ 100 cc in the morning

‐ 100 cc in the evening

Three different tests were carried out for both products: the first two in sick animals that had been separated from the rest while they were given the doses, and a third test in healthy animals but smaller than the average at their age.



After the three tests carried out, comparing both rehydrating products, it can be affirmed that the use of HydroMax for 7 days caused a greater growth in the transition animals than Product 1 in the 3 tests.

Esta diferencia en favor del segundo rehidratante (HydroMax) fue más destacada al hacer las pruebas en animales enfermos y alojados separados del resto de su lote (0,72 y 0,36 kg/lechón) que cuando los productos eran administrados a los animales sanos de menor tamaño del grupo (0,04 kg/lechón).