Europe Visits

Europe Trade Visits.

From October 25 to November 5, the Intec commercial team had the opportunity to be present in different destinations in Europe (Poland, Hungary and Bulgaria) visiting our clients.

From Intec they have stated that they are very satisfied with the experience, since the objective of presenting our new products has been fulfilled and thanking our customers for their trust throughout this time, as well as sharing impressions about the current situation in the sector.

Also, we had the opportunity to receive positive feedback on the working of our most popular products.

Europe Visits

Europe Visits


Mision Comercial Portugal


Mision Comercial Portugal

With our customer Raporal from Portugal


Accompanied by our Distributor Magorange, we will visit our clients in Portugal from September 27 to October 1.

During these days, the latest news in INTEC product range and the advances in the next launches are presented. In addition, the occasion is used to share experiences and present solutions to our clients.

We are delighted to be able to visit all of our clients around the world again.

Visita Comercial Sevilla


Visita Comercial Sevilla

Visita Comercial Sevilla

Once again our colleague Víctor is visiting several clients in the province of Andalusia this week with our distributor VALLESAN.

In this way, it will present the latest developments in INTEC product range, as well as show the progress in upcoming launches and share experiences with our customers.

In the photo Victor accompanied by Nacho, our distributor.

Italian Visit


Our colleague Víctor Sánchez has traveled to Italy these days accompanied by of our distributor in the country, FUTURA.

During these days, they will visit several clients to share their experiences, publicize the latest news in INTEC’s product range, as well as present the advances in the next launches.

In the photo, Víctor with the Managers of Adesso Verde company.


Italian Visit

Italian Visit

HYDROMAX, Oral Rehydrating Powder.

HydroMax is a complete antidiarrheal, without antibiotic, formulated with different natural components. It acts on water and electrolyte imbalances and combats acidosis while allowing the dairy diet of affected animals to be replaced by easily digestible high-energy nutrients.

  • Specifically suitable for weaned animals withHYDROMAX, rehidratante oral en polvo.severe dehydration problems.
  • Appropriate to nourish, rehydrate and treat intestinal problems.
  • Protects the intestinal mucosa by adding astringent and absorbent toxins present in the intestine.
  • It has anti-inflammatory properties and contributes to the balance of intestinal flora.
  • Stimulates the absorption of glucose, water and sodium through the intestines, restoring the electrolyte balance.



The study was designed to compare two different rehydrating products in order to assess their effects on the growth of piglets in weaned stage.

Both rehydrating products were dissolved in 3% water and poured in the dishes of the weaned phase pens.

The dosing schedule for both products was the following:

‐ 100 cc in the morning

‐ 100 cc in the evening

Three different tests were carried out for both products: the first two in sick animals that had been separated from the rest while they were given the doses, and a third test in healthy animals but smaller than the average at their age.




Prueba 1

Prueba 1

Prueba 2

Prueba 2



Prueba 3

Prueba 3

After the three tests carried out, comparing both rehydrating products, it can be affirmed that the use of HydroMax for 7 days caused a greater growth in the transition animals than Product 1 in the 3 tests.

This difference in favour of HydroMax was more significant when testing in sick animals that were separated from the rest of their batches (0.72 and 0.36 kg / piglet) than when the products were administered to healthy animals from lighter size groups (0.04 kg / piglet).


La Asociación de Veterinarios de Porcino de Aragón (AVPA) está celebrando, en Zaragoza, su XI Congreso bajo el título “El futuro del sector porcino depende de nosotros”.

El día 27 de Noviembre tuvo lugar en la Facultad de Veterinaria de Zaragoza, donde se realizaron varios talleres prácticos.

Durante su  segundo día, la cita tiene lugar en el Auditorio de Zaragoza donde se tratarán temas como Mercado Exterior del Porcino, Monitorización de enfermedades actuales, desafíos y propuestas sobre nutrición animal hacia el 2050 e innovación tecnológica y transformación

digital en porcino. Además habrá una mesa redonda sobre el Certificado en Bienestar Animal: Diferente visiones. La jornada también cuenta con la entrega de premios de la AVPA con cuatro categorías.

Como patrocinadores de dicho encuentro, podrán encontrar al personal de Intec para atenderles en todo aquello que necesiten.


VIV Asia, a success!

There is not doubt the big success at VIV Asia from 13 to 15 March, Bangkok, Thailand. Intec took part in these event, with over 1200 exhibitors and more than 50.000 attendees from 100 different countries at this biennial exhibition.

VIV Asia is an international exhibition for animal husbandry and animal processing. It is one of the main events of its kind in the world. The fair presents the latest solutions, trends and technologies for breeding and processing. Each company has a unique opportunity to showcase its products to an audience composed mainly of decision makers from around the world.

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all those visitors and clients that came to our stand.

Once again at VIV Asia.

VIV Asia 2019 will take place in Bangkok, Thailand, from March 13 to 15.

Visit us at Hall 106 Stand 237.

Intec at Eurotier 2018

With almost 2,638 exhibitors and a surface of 280,000 m2, EuroTier offers a global overview on the advances in techniques, services and genetics for the livestock industry.

Approximately 163,000 visitors (40,000 of whom were international producers coming from more than 100 countries) attended the fair to see this wide range of novelties.

Intec, was present once again in this key event, exhibiting its whole product range.

14th Feria Nacional del Cerdo at Montijo (Portugal)

INTEC and its Portuguese distributor will be present at the 14th Feria Nacional del Cerdo held at Montijo on May 17, 18 and 19.

This trade show, aimed at the professionals of the sector and of a strong international character, will feature more than 300 exhibitors and showcase the latest innovations of the pork production industry.

The slogan chosen for this edition is Porco.PT, the certified brand of Portuguese pork meat.

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