INTEC, Investigaciones Técnicas Veterinarias was established twenty years ago in the Spanish town of Ejea de los Caballeros with the aim of satisfying the existing necessity of zoo sanitary products in the livestock industry, mainly among pork producers, as well as of technologies for artificial insemination. Given the growing trend of the market and of the company itself, INTEC specialized in other animal species. Today we distribute products for all types of livestock, INTEC such as rabbit, poultry, cattle and even horses.

In order to strengthen its distribution network, INTEC also started to manufacture its own product range which is field tested in farms of our property before commercialization as a guarantee of quality. Apart from marketing our own products, INTEC represents and distributes the main national veterinary laboratories.

After 20 years of successfully commercializing products for the livestock industry in Spain, INTEC decided to enter the international market with the launching of DILTEC, a semen extender for the swine species which covers the need of a low cost quality product at a world scale.

This product was only the beginning of our international expansion. At present, INTEC distributes its products to strong companies worldwide, including Asia, Latin America and Europe.