Super-absorbing Paper for powder

  • ConfortDry is a super-absorbing and sanitizing powder, for the
    care and handling of animals. The main function of ConfortDry
    is to remove moisture from the environment. It is an effective
    combination of mineral substances with vegetable extract
    form a mixture with high absorption capacity and
    deodorizing power.
  • ConfortDry has a neutral PH. Not irritating or aggressive to the
    skin and mucous membranes.
  • ConfortDry has a dual mechanism of action against microorganisms:
    • Removes the main livelihood and reproduction of microorganisms which is active water, acting as absorbing thereof.
    • Acts directly against microorganisms due to the antisept
      capacity of the components.
  • ConfortDry has insecticidal capacity by dehydration, bot
    larvae and adults.